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Thunder Jack's Log RunnerThunder Jack's Log Runner - a fascinating and sometimes funny arcade. Its purpose - to test the consistency and patience gamers, as well as their accuracy, sense of coordination and the ability to quickly make a decision. In general, the game on the reaction. Survive as long as possible in a very unusual fun severe deaf residents hinterland and become a legend for them.
 SHOPPING CART HIGHWAY R SHOPPING CART HIGHWAY R - extravagant and exciting runner with endless gameplay. The presence of beautiful graphics, day and night, and various locations will appeal to all fans of fun and dynamic games. Embark on a great journey together with the main character and his friends and find out what you can do in the new sport.
 I Hate Fish Once earthworm Earl and his family took with them on a fishing trip, though their consent or who did not ask. And now they will have the sad fate bait. But only one thought that he would never see his family helped the protagonist to survive in this situation. Soon the ship's cook was surprised to find a living in the belly of Earl fish.

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