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Legend of Midgard Midgard - the legendary world of Scandinavian myths to be in incredible danger. Dark forces began to execute his evil plan to approximate start date of Ragnarok, the end of the world. And the first step was the arrival in the region forever green herb ice dragon and following on its heels winter. Here and there begin to open portals.
Rush of HeroesRush of Heroes - one of the few games in the same genre and with the gameplay that gets out of a series of dull craft about the heroic adventures. Beautiful 3D graphics, a mega-epic music, humor and self-irony, perfectly drawn locations and much more await your unusual characters. A huge number of missions captivate you for hours.
 Evoker Evoker - a new project from the creators of Novels about Royal Revolt uneasy when he was royal. At this time, the developers decided to try his hand in the field of collectible card games. According to their assurances, gamers are waiting for thousands of unique magical creatures with an opportunity to develop and combine with other cards. Which can be sent to fight in hundreds of jobs.

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