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VooyagerVooyager game will tell us about a time when space exploration and everything associated with it will not be so dangerous, costly and time consuming task. Humanity has stepped far in its development, and the solar system is inhabited by long time, anyone can become a passenger ship makes regular routes between the colonies.
Big HunterBig Hunter - the original shooter, though with a minimalist design, but very stylish. Dynamic gameplay requires players to maximum concentration and precision action. The smallest error or indecision extra entail painful death of the protagonist. After hunting for mammoths it was very dangerous.
illiilli - another of those wonderful puzzle games where the main beauty of gameplay creates an awfully nice character. Mostly you just want to watch a well-designed and animated the main character does not care about the heap of dangers surrounding him on all sides. And because of this, and he needs our help to collect crystals scattered in a strange world.
Adventure Escape: Space CrisisAdventure Escape: Space Crisis - the exciting adventures of the brave astronaut in an emergency situation has arisen because of ... but for some reason this situation has occurred, players will find themselves. They are waiting for a well-drawn locations, a variety of places, interesting, challenging puzzles, and more.
World of DopeWorld of Dope - non-standard arcade with a minimalist graphic design is a map of the world and a very unusual plot and semantic content. In the game we will play the role of novice traders and a variety of weapons, "pharmacological agents", both vegetable and synthetic production. And of course, all the goods completely is illegal.
Traffic Cross: Do not Hit By CarTraffic Cross: Do not Hit By Car - arcade with a minimalist kind of pixel graphics and hardcore gameplay. These games will always find an echo in the hearts of gamers. Projects with the most simple terms and exorbitant complexity of passage, akin to masochism, who repeatedly challenged all who love and not afraid of difficulties.
Mountain Goat MountainMountain Goat Mountain - a very nice arcade game with very addictive gameplay. The protagonist - a cute painted mountain goat, who needs to climb as high as possible playfully jumping on the ledges of the cubic type. Beautiful 3D graphics with a rich color palette, very simple and convenient operation, the level of complexity within the permissible allow fully enjoy the process.
 Run Jonah Run Run Jonah Run - Arcade that can be equated to a real simulator survival. For any second omission is in mortal danger. Minimalistic 2D graphics only adds to the aura of anxiety. Simple operation and simple gameplay is designed to brighten up a dull waiting in transportation or in a queue. Stay a little snail.
 Spit'N'Run Spit'N'Run - a brand-new platformer made ​​in 2D, but 3D models. Nice graphics, unusual protagonist, a simple but addictive puzzle game, and the path length of 21 levels will delight all gamers. Embark on a dangerous journey to find the enemy's castle and release from prison love.
 Choppy Fish Choppy Fish - endless runner survival. Get ready for a serious test, because here at every meter you will wait deadly danger. Only depend on your responses, the protagonist will survive or not. The presence of beautiful 3D graphics, addictive gameplay, non-stop action and the possibility of choosing between different characters will appeal to all fans of the genre.

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