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Wicked LairWicked Lair - a unique and very successful mixture of Tower Defense and Dungeon Builder Mashup in which we will not be the regular host of leaders of the valiant heroes eager to clear the catacombs of the nasty and very dangerous creatures. But quite the contrary. That we have to stop these fanatics climbing in Shah dark and cozy world with skeletons and black magic.
Shadow WarsShadow Wars - is a story about that during all the time of monsters and other creatures of darkness live among the ordinary and everyday. 5 secret and very ancient Order of waging war against each other for the absolute power of using children the night instead of his soldiers, as well as those who are called handlers - people have the talent to catch the monsters and command them.
The Witching Hour The protagonist of the game The Witching Hour always dreamed about how to live off the beaten path in a small house and live happily ever after in the pleasure. And good luck - a newspaper advertisement for the sale of a tiny mansion with a rich pedigree at a surprisingly low price. Suspicious! But the figure jumped at the offer and did not want to listen to.
Arcane Quest 3Arcane Quest 3 - continuation of the popular game combining turn-based RPG classic sense with some rules and mechanics of the desktop project. Fans, fans of the series, and just fans of role-playing adventure with pleasure will go to the new trip to fantasy world, where the great pleasure to discover a variety of innovations.
Black Metal Man 2Black Metal Man 2 - a continuation of elegant action. Gloomy, Gothic, somewhere even satanic story captures every player and give him a present, a fascinating journey into the world of music in the style of Black Metal. Feel like one of those long-haired tightened the skin of brutal men with guitars blazing and create a masterpiece.
RedungeonRedungeon - hardcore action game in which so many ways painful death, which is very long, you can just experiment with the transition state from the living to the dead. The game complexity reminds one a bit of the popular RPG. As there are very often have to start all over again, and at the same time to take it for granted and commonplace.
MahlukMahluk - classic 8-bit platformer made ​​in a very gloomy color palette and telling about the dangerous adventures of the protagonist. Jumping, battle, cleverly hidden secrets and much more inherent in this genre will please all the fans and allow long plunge into the story the story of revenge and rage.
SlimeClimbingSlimeClimbing - new adventure from the creators of the pixel pile more like old school projects offers a glimpse of the well-known situation from a different angle and try myself in a completely different role. Authentic retrostilistika classic platforming spoil fans of "antiquity" and will help them to remember the old days.
Arcane KnightArcane Knight tries to use a full-fledged game menu, grim graphics, plot development in the Middle Ages, and other features to impersonate currently RPG. That's only when you click "Start" once it becomes clear that we face an ordinary runner, only with horses, knights and endless gameplay.
DragonSoulDragonSoul - standard RPG for our era of games for mobile devices. The mechanics of the gameplay completely changed in comparison with other similar projects. So it was left to a huge number of specific windows or tabs. But quite original menu was invented and created backdrops for quality locations.

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