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Phantom MazePhantom Maze - New Year's is a story involving all hands in the department under the guidance of his death. It employs the so-called gatekeepers. They are dressed as well as the chief, but only on the status they do not put the spit. Their task is to conduct accounting, reporting, statistics and all other office work. The final check has revealed a serious problem.
Just BonesJust Bones - way of a man who became a skeleton and decided to regain his human form. The road to return to the world of ordinary people will be a platform with a series of puzzles-levels. Each location will have access to the portal by solving puzzles with gradually increasing level of complexity. Old school and addictive fascination until the very end.
Spirit HunterSpirit Hunter - an exciting action-shutre a third person with elements of Rahner. Scene events are moving in the same zombiapokalipsise, but from another point of view, is very unusual for this setting. Gamers waiting for dynamic gameplay, nice graphics, a large arsenal of weapons and the ability to destroy a huge number of cadavers.
Dark Reaper Shoots!Dark Reaper Shoots! - Simple and at the same time an exciting arcade game tells about the hard choices and the pursuit of his dream. 3D graphics, an original story, an unusual protagonist, a variety of locations, as well as a cute assistant and many other nice features of this project, like all fans of fun without straining your brain relax.
Divide By SheepDivide By Sheep - addictive and hilarious puzzle game full of black humor. Superb graphics, endearing character animation, dozens of levels with gradually increasing complexity and an unusual idea to make this game very, very interesting project among their own kind. Learn how to quickly and properly considered the main sheep.
 Slayin Slayin - is an RPG for survival in retro style. Our adventure begins not with a final battle, after which will have to start all over again, not to wake up in a remote village on the SMS notification that you have chosen, and not even with an audience with the King, where a wise ruler will give us an order, the princess and promises to send death, and in the tavern.
 CrazyFist II - Great War CrazyFist II - Great War - runner with elements of action and RPG. The plot refers to mythology and ancient legends mixed with fantasy inserts. Different heroes have to go to an exciting chase through the kingdom of the dead for the death incarnate and caught up with her, with all possible force to teach her for any transgressions. Epic sweep and beautiful graphics are present.
 Halliween Nightmare Halliween Nightmare - walker with elements of horror made ​​tradition of games in black and gray tones. Waking the hero finds himself in a very unfriendly world. And now you have to figure out what was going on with him and find out how to get out of this mess. A permanent flnshbeki will gradually reveal the reasons for this dismal journey.

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