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 Empire: Four Kingdoms

Empire: Four Kingdoms - get ready for battle! Build strength that will endure forever, exciting outposts and create a flourishing economy. Send it to transform their armies locks enemy players in ruins. Build a powerful empire and compete with thousands of players.

 Clans Clash: League of Shadows

Clans Clash: League of Shadows - amazing combat strategy game. Train your troops, create your village and battle thousands of players online! Wonderful graphics, fun gameplay, good governance, an exciting battle overtaken everyone who download this chip into his cell phone.

 The Final Stand

The Final Stand - enemy forces decided to launch a final assault on your base, but the approach to it on one side only. And on this side as soon as your evil fighting position, plus the fact you were one. Well you have to say the least destroy the crowd of enemy soldiers.

 Jelly Defense

Jelly Defense - journey into the world of childhood, to the planet, along with Jello strategy game Jelly Defense. Your goal is to cost the defensive tower of the evil and the evil jelly that want to take away your crystals. Build different types of towers around the perimeter of which can pass the invaders. Build different towers, as you are waiting for a different property of jelly, a certain type of tower has caused great damage, only a certain type of jelly. At the end of the level you will fight against the biggest and mostly jelly, well prepared, make improvements all the towers as well as small towers are not very effective.

 Mission Of Crisis Mission Of Crisis - a new tactical strategy from the GoodTeam, Matt and Angie manage from an elite special unit of the dogs who need your help to build a strategic tactic to save puppies trapped by evil royal cats.
 Kill Devils

Kill Devils - The coming of the demons - demons ruthlessly trample the earth on which you were born and raised. Will you be the savior of the earth Auchan, whether you have enough forces to unite together the six races to confront the evil and create their own new era.

 Chicken Revolution

Chicken Revolution - do not let the chickens away! Rebellious chicks banded together against you and are going to leave the coop. Stop them and this crazy game, reinforcing the fence and reflected shocks chicks with huge number of crazy things. The game is full of lively action, asking the revolutionary chickens one by one. Fry them, roast them, crush them - anything, as long as they remained in the pen!

 Grave Defense HD

Grave Defense HD - the next step in the development of games of the genre "tower defense" for mobile platforms! The game takes the best from other games "tower defense", adding that many new features. This is - old school hardcore for Android! Perederni bolt and cooking to the fact that GRave Defense HD will carry your head off, soldier!

 Age of War

Age of War - Age of War - is a mix between playing defense and strategy games. The goal is to destroy the enemy base while protecting your own. You can build towers to defend your base and units to attack the enemy.

 Four Days: World Defense Four Days: World Defense - this is a defensive strategy is three-dimensional in the genre of Tower Defence. You need to build towers and use them to defend themselves against the enemy. Build a tower, and then improve them. Develop your own strategy that would protect themselves from enemies within 4 days.

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