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MASTER OF GRABMASTER OF GRAB - is the story of the ancient fortress of the dwarves standing in the dense forests of the south. It was built a long time ago to foothill residents could trade, communicate and enter into agreements with other races this fantasy world. It was once a rich center of a neutral territory where all feel safe.
Bullet RainBullet Rain - how simple - so chic shooter gameplay with attentiveness and reaction speed. The project will be of particular interest to fans of the movie "Equilibrium" and a fictional martial art of gun-kata, because the basic elements were taken from there. The disadvantage is not always work management, as well as to familiarize mandatory.
Zombie CorpsZombie Corps - an action that can be true fans like the look zombirubilova. The world has undergone major changes - a lightning epidemic unknown virus has turned most of the population into the walking dead. The only problem is not even that, but the fact that they have not lost my mind. And soon disciplined army pulled into the fray.
Day of the VikingDay of the Viking - hilarious toy in which the classic story turned upside down and a children's fairy tale turned into real action. Beautiful graphics, original and fun gameplay, a good share of humor and various opportunities will delight all eager to play a quality project that does not get tired of just 5 minutes.
Kingdom WarsKingdom Wars - a very simple and unpretentious strategy gameplay mechanics who beat many, many times before and it is a worthy project. Mediocre graphics and features make the game attractive to a very narrow circle of people who really do nothing. Save the people from the kingdom of monsters, and other undead who returned from oblivion.

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