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Catacomb HeroCatacomb Hero - pretty standard action RPG for mobile devices. The only thing for which he can put a plus, since it is graphic, it is not satisfactory and essentially loads the "iron". But then everything on the thumb - chop, prick, use magic and listen to the incessant chatter of his companion.
Slash MobsSlash Mobs - another clicker offering players who decided to once again experience the incredible feeling as stiff fingers and eye fatigue, go on a dangerous journey in order to save the fantasy world of huge mutants. Neither demons nor vile villains, or even ancient undead now do not care about public opinion, but the giant monster - a real threat.
Hell PassHell Pass - simple action game where gamers will shoot the upcoming orders of demons and other infernal creatures escaped from Hell. Cute graphics and a fairly high complexity will please fans of unpretentious but fun games, and fans of a hellish setting all the paranormal.
Monsters Village TransylvaniaMonsters Village Transylvania - a simulator of the other world, or rather a village situated on the border near the place where it is particularly delicate. Sorcerers, witches and other seekers of unusual can come here and make contact with spirits, monsters to get any benefit or knowledge. Instead of gold and soul.
MahlukMahluk - classic 8-bit platformer made ​​in a very gloomy color palette and telling about the dangerous adventures of the protagonist. Jumping, battle, cleverly hidden secrets and much more inherent in this genre will please all the fans and allow long plunge into the story the story of revenge and rage.
Soda DungeonSoda Dungeon - adventure project develops in a fantasy universe in which almost all similar to other worlds similar except that here probably once been a resident of our planet. Such suspicions arise after you find out that people drink - a soda, and alcohol - the choice of renegades.
Sword StormSword Storm - another role-playing game about saving the world in a fantasy universe. The only its difference from the majority of similar projects - a very beautiful graphics gives a very presentable image. In all other respects it is common in Asian-style RPG with lots of windows, tabs, and other characteristic features.
Ninja: Legendary WarriorsNinja: Legendary Warriors - collectible card game with elements of Asian RPG (no one forgot to introduce a fantastic variety of unnecessary windows and tabs) formed in the universe of Naruto. And fans would rejoice and be happy to fans of the genre, it's just all the same blueprint with hundreds of other similar projects.
The IncorruptiblesThe Incorruptibles - a classic strategy of posing young studio, with an impressive list of famous works behind employees. Love of old-school projects is felt throughout the transition to the modern "rail" is not much impact on the gameplay. Proven many times over the mechanics of the process will appeal to all fans of the games of yesteryear.
Zombie shoot maniaZombie shoot mania - unpretentious kazualka (tautology) in which players have to thin out, it is desirable to complete destruction, roaming the countryside a lot of different undead. Nice graphics and a good approach to the creation of unique kinds of monsters in all of this allows you to calculate the mess and lead a purpose until it shelled.

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