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Fury Roads SurvivorFury Roads Survivor - chic racing arcade with Cubo-pixel graphics, superior quality and sold subject for the story (though controversial to call it a complete story), addictive gameplay, which is happy to brighten up leisure time and many other nice features. Fun and drive - guaranteed!
Power HoverPower Hover - an excellent game that will appeal to all without exception. It combines the mechanics of Rahner and music project with a large interactive environment. The original graphic style, charming and well-chosen soundtrack, interesting possibilities in gameplay and other positive traits make it a small masterpiece.
DustlandDustland - excellent, original adventure puzzle game with gameplay mechanics in the style of "three in a row." Well-designed universe is the Wild West of the distant future, the various possibilities, a huge number of levels, and the availability of multiplayer modes fights surprise all fans of the genre for a long time and captivate them in this world.
City of Ruins: Metal WarsCity of Ruins: Metal Wars send us to fight with countless robots grab your hometown. Any person subject to destruction and now you're the only hope for the salvation of the entire population. Explore the ruins of the destroyed villages, go into a lifeless desert and find a way to avoid loss of life under your protection.
Where's My Oil?Where's My Oil? - Pleasant in its visual simplicity, and while hardcore gameplay puzzle game in which gamers have to extract oil. It would seem that may be easier to dig down to a positive result, but no. You have to properly pave the existing pipe as quickly as possible and with the least amount of action.
 Dubai Offroad Dubai Offroad - very unassuming arcade racing with endless gameplay. Events will develop in the vast United Arab Emirates, on the background of Dubai is seen weekdays. And we play for one of the sheikhs, which is naturally very rich, and how any such man, he decided to stand out among the same as he did.

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