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Keep CraftKeep Craft - a very interesting and unhurried simulator in which we are going to build their own country from ancient times to the present day. Beautiful and stylish graphics, high duration of the game and a variety of features will appeal to all who do not like natapyvat resources and other elements, but just in time to perform the desired action.
Hollywood BillionaireHollywood Billionaire - straight from the tin clicker by Tapps Games in virtually the same vein as their previous «masterpiece» Vlogger Go Viral. Only now, we will accelerate the process tapami filming different movies, thereby conquer the peaks of glory. Cute graphics and high duration of the game certainly easily absorb all the free time.
Gotta Eat Them All: ClickerGotta Eat Them All: Clicker - Clicker, the most that neither is a clicker. The project differs from its "brothers" only in that it has frankly crazy narkamansky-style graphics and original storyline. And so, everything is still, Tapa, get glasses, put them in the development and continuing Tapan continue until they get tired fingers.
The Battle of PolytopiaThe Battle of Polytopia - simply smart strategy with a beautiful minimalist graphics and a wide range of possibilities and variations action. Perhaps it can be called an ideal option for mobile gadgets. After all, there is everything you need for an exciting pastime without any gameplay kinks.
PewDiePies Tuber SimulatorPewDiePies Tuber Simulator - new casual game from Pixel Outerminds Inc. which issued a crazy PewDiePie: Legend of Brofist. At this time, the popular yutyuber will teach and show players how to quickly become a celebrity on the Internet and get a real army of fans. But, as usual start to be small.
Plimba UrsulPlimba Ursul - chic educational project of the Romanian igrodelov. Beautiful graphics and animation, the original design of cartoon animals and locations, kindest inherently addictive gameplay and a huge space for development will please not only young gamers, but also their parents and just adults.
Hasty Hamster - A Water PuzzleHasty Hamster - A Water Puzzle - adventures sharper hamster, who works as an assistant and gofer to the famous scientist (in the scientific community all as one, believe he was crazy, but it's not as not begs the genius of his mind and his services). At this time the Professor was able to find out the coordinates of the ancient pyramid, where and sent protagonist.
Blue Ocean TycoonBlue Ocean Tycoon invites us to plunge into the modern world of shipping, ships, ports, and all that is connected with it. We play the role of the young owner of a small ship-owning company just two copies. Choosing a suitable home port, which can be in any hemisphere, we immediately find ourselves faced with a choice which is in the first place to go.
Food StreetFood Street - a simulator of the restaurant with beautiful graphics in which we get at its disposal a small restaurant located (since the last update) in Rio de Janeiro. And on the streets just are various Olympic events and festivals. Tourists are more than enough and the urgent need to transform the modest diner in the most popular place in town.
Motor World: Bike FactoryMotor World: Bike Factory - a new game in a series of half-pixel managers Motor World. At this time, we have to build from scratch just for the production of the plant, which can be attributed to motorcycles. Starting with a minimum number of staff in the tiny shop should gradually develop and grow, so that after a while to become a legend of this market segment.

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