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Hunter Age: Huntsman GamesHunter Age: Huntsman Games - a story about what happens when the incredible scientific inventions fall into the wrong hands. At this time, mankind was lucky (or not, who knows what the outcome of the story - the butterfly effect and very specific preferences of our tourists characters) and accidentally discovered a time machine got two classic rednecks.
StoneBack PrehistoryStoneBack Prehistory - cute adventure project with a simple but stylish graphics, unusual prehistoric times the setting and the proportion of survival simulator. At first glance, the game still many flaws, shortcomings and uncomfortable, but we hope that the developers will bring to mind their offspring and make it run properly.
Jungle Jack AdventureJungle Jack Adventure - Puzzle-style "three in a row" that will appeal to all who are eager to diversify their favorite genre dynamics and action. Nice graphics, the presence of the plot, and extensive tree development as a character, and his native village make this game a memorable experience, even for those who think that he has seen a lot.
Kiziland - tapa simulator for mobile platforms. Grab the entire planet using the rapid evolution of your wards. Mix and match, collect coins, buy new types and gradually distributed throughout the world. Beautiful graphics, cute characters, funny and diverse classes of aliens successfully spend your free time.
 Dinosaur Jump Dinosaur Jump - arcade project tells of dinosaur slastёne. Simple graphics leave a good impression, but her players will hardly notice it. Gameplay mechanics of continuous movement will require you to maximum concentration and precision action. A small mistake and our hero flies into the abyss.
 Archaeologist - Ice Age Archaeologist - Ice Age - a new game about the adventures of a courageous archaeologist, paleontologist be exact. At this time, as the name implies, it is sent to the realm of eternal ice, to find the remains of dinosaurs. The project still is designed for children from 3 to 9 years old, but he would like to see more senior members of the gaming audience.

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