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Hero HackHero Hack - cool RPG in the old-school 8-bit style in which gamers will find an exciting adventure, incredible discoveries, humor, weight, demons of all kinds and of course, the mega-boss of enormous size. Tens and hundreds of levels in various parts of this unique fantasy universe await intrepid seekers of problems on its head.
Soda DungeonSoda Dungeon - adventure project develops in a fantasy universe in which almost all similar to other worlds similar except that here probably once been a resident of our planet. Such suspicions arise after you find out that people drink - a soda, and alcohol - the choice of renegades.
Boss MonsterBoss Monster - mixed strategy with collectible card game, which is under a real-life prototype of the table. The project will be interesting as ardent fans, as the search for an opponent is not a problem, as well as all newcomers wishing to touch the world where strong deck is not a guarantee of success. And to win you need to consider a bunch of different factors.
Dungeon Boss Call to his side unique fighters in the game Dungeon Boss, create a detachment of invincible heroes and go to terrify the monsters and evil brood in nearby caves and catacombs. Nice graphic style and the immortal gameplay will make your pastime easy and fun. Monsters and huge bosses attached.
 Ananias Ananias - this classic RPG gameplay with stylized old-school games. There is a dark dungeon, scary monsters, numerous corridors and rooms, dozens of objects and components, weapons and armor. And of course, here the hero, who went on a deadly path in order to save the world from a terrible threat.
 Infinity Dungeon Until recently, Infinity Dungeon was one of the most popular paid applications among the players of South Korea. But now, developers have released a free version of this easily kills your time toys. Familiar to the region graphics, simple controls, minimum and maximum plot adventure awaits those who go on an endless journey.
 Arcane Quest 2 Arcane Quest 2 is designed in the spirit of classic board D D games. Embark on an exciting adventure in the company of famous heroes and inveterate villains. Without a doubt share rush into battle against the most dangerous enemies, and with the same passion bowel their chests. Become a legend and create your own guild wars.

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