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Rolling SnailRolling Snail - an addictive puzzle game with beautiful graphics and interesting performance. Any player will gladly test their abilities and skills, as well as will train the brain in search of solutions to the problems in front of the main character. A huge number of levels of varying difficulty and complexity contribute to this.
You Shall Not JumpYou Shall Not Jump - not the usual arcade game creators that people certainly with a good sense of humor. Simple gameplay mechanics and graphics redeemed funny comments, the original design and high complexity that would be a big plus for anyone who wants to test their skills and skill gamer.
Dreamcage EscapeDreamcage Escape - Shareware puzzle game in which fans of unusual and beautiful quests will again be in the town located in the old bird cage. After all, a similar situation has already been a lot of players, and then with great pleasure solve challenging puzzles in an amazing house, so tiny that rusty prison for him the whole world.
ParticularParticular - exciting adventure project with nice graphics and architecture reminiscent of old-school game locations. We will need to help the protagonist to escape from a huge prison, while avoiding a meeting with numerous deadly traps and guards.
Goo SagaGoo Saga - fresh, exciting, action-adventure platformer with beautiful graphics and design locations. The game is sure to appeal to those who are still crazy about Fluffy Leo and all the other high-quality and beautiful designs. The main character will have to escape from the underwater laboratory, and to find their own "I".
Winter Fugitives The protagonist of the Winter Fugitives - one of those who decided to take part in a mass escape from the prison for dangerous criminals. Location in a remote region and the winter outside the window makes this action practically feasible, but wait for death from severe hard labor no one is going. And now it's time to act.
Rayman AdventuresRayman Adventures - a new adventure project for mobile platforms about Ramon and his friends. By tradition, we are waiting for an exciting journey through the magical and enchanting beauty of their worlds (graphics, as always on top), the battle with the wicked, meet interesting creatures, meeting with old friends and of course, tons of fun in the process.
Run, Bottle! Run!Run, Bottle!Run! - An exciting arcade game with a very unusual and at the same time all the well-known story. On the mechanics of gameplay design resembles a horizontal runner in which the protagonist appears normal glass bottle sealed with a cork. In her last hope for salvation guy got on a desert island.
The Great Wobo Escape Ep. 1The Great Wobo Escape Ep.1 - an interesting and exciting stealth action. Also very nice graphics and well-developed locations the game has a thought-out plot, the presence of a huge number of puzzles, high-quality character animation and great length adventures of the protagonist. Which, by the way, the robot and he escapes.
Escaping the PrisonWarning! Escaping the Prison is not a tool or step instructions on how to voluntarily leave the territory of the prison. And as has under itself no any basis in reality, or documented evidence of the veracity of the events described in the game (well, except of course the story of a lawyer is very often).

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