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Tower ConquestTower Conquest - a strategy with horizontal scrolling, nice graphics and the possibility of the PvP, which increases the replayability usual standard and in fact the game. Gamers are waiting for fights and battles from the category of who is steeper zadonatil and all other delights of this genre. For introverts have offline mode with bots and storyline.
BallbarianBallbarian - funny and very addictive RPG in which we will fight the hordes of the undead as severe, fulminant and fearless barbarian with custom appearance. Original mechanic reminiscent of pool or pinball, nice graphics, varied loot and quite complicated gameplay will make acquaintance with the game exciting and interesting.
To The CastleTo The Castle - a perfect gift for those who yearned to games of yesteryear, or just a fan of old-school platformer. The classic hero, classic graphics, classic gameplay make the journey through the classic dangerous world full of traps and enemies, a real adventure. Exciting and very exciting.
Tower KnightsTower Knights can easily be attributed to the genre of tower defence, that's just our job here is not to hold the line using a diverse set of structures, and try not to give the enemy one single reinforcement. For the control of the floors and unfold a serious war against the evil spirits of various past few defenders of hope for a brighter future.
Combo HeroesCombo Heroes - the next stage of development of mixed-genre games. Here and RPG and simulation of tapas, but not thoughtless masher on the screen and requires skill and precision action. Nice graphics, well-drawn characters and locations, as well as a variety of features make this project really good killer of free time.
Kingdom WarsKingdom Wars - a very simple and unpretentious strategy gameplay mechanics who beat many, many times before and it is a worthy project. Mediocre graphics and features make the game attractive to a very narrow circle of people who really do nothing. Save the people from the kingdom of monsters, and other undead who returned from oblivion.
Chibi KingsChibi Kings - a strategy with some elements of RPG. Fans of high-speed orders and changing every second of the situation on the front, rejoice. This game is ideal for you. The cunning enemy will not leave you alone for a second, the slightest weakness on your part and now the army of the enemy is knocking at your door. We must retreat.
 Goblin Defenders 2 Goblin Defenders 2 - strategy in the style of "Protection of the towers' protagonists in which, devoid of conscience cynics and mercantile calculating creatures. Here, under the guise of saving the world and people hogging the rich deposits, "mastered" subsidies and using the confusion are very suspicious contracts.
 Magic Rampage Magic Rampage - exciting platformer with RPG elements created in the spirit of the old games. Wonderful graphics, addictive gameplay, long storyline, hundreds of hidden rooms, dozens of objects, traps, undead valiant heroes and of course, very scary bosses await you on your journey.
 Infinity Dungeon Until recently, Infinity Dungeon was one of the most popular paid applications among the players of South Korea. But now, developers have released a free version of this easily kills your time toys. Familiar to the region graphics, simple controls, minimum and maximum plot adventure awaits those who go on an endless journey.

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