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Angry Birds BlastAngry Birds Blast - a new game Rovio. The studio continues to use its most popular franchise in all possible directions and genre variations. Which in fact long been used by hundreds and hundreds of times in other projects. Fans of adventure Angry Birds, of course, will be delighted, and nice graphics, but there is nothing original.
Steam Rush: RobotsSteam Rush: Robots - unpretentious arcade game of survival in which the story is much more interesting and original gameplay. Unpretentious graphics and complex control in learning like all fans of hardcore projects. Small islands, a lot of traps, a coin placed in dangerous proximity to them and other aspects of the process will be very problematic.
Ultimate BriefcaseUltimate Briefcase - new elegant arcade game from Nitrome, the creators of games like Rust Bucket, Beneath The Lighthouse and the other most visually simple and at the same time incredibly exciting project-tightening. At this time we will not only survive in the most appalling conditions doomsday, but also to get home safely.
Bomber 2016Bomber 2016 - the new reincarnation of the cult game about explosions and destruction of obstacles. Traditionally, in such projects we are waiting for a beautiful, colorful graphics and a serious rethinking of the gameplay. Also, developers have added all sorts of chips and buns, to prove that their child is dramatically better than all other similar activities.
Minefield RunMinefield Run is built by all the well-known principle, "The farther into the woods, the thicker the guerrillas" ©. But in this case - the deeper in the minefield, the better spruce. And we need, and it is this, more precisely the protagonist needs better forest beauty. And he did not stop at nothing to find and ruthlessly cut down the ever-green tree in the name of celebrating the New Year.
Black Water: Duty CallsBlack Water: Duty Calls - shooter with isometric camera impregnated with the spirit of the westerns. Beautiful graphics, a variety of control options, different models of weapons at that time, and the most odious villains of all the ones you've seen before, waiting for the inexperienced sheriff to deadly expanses of the Wild West.
Dracula BoomDracula Boom - straight from the tin puzzle game where the gameplay is based physics bodies. Using interactive objects behavior of objects and properties, gamers need to create the correct sequence, and then to translate plans into action. Mistakes, mistakes, flaws and misunderstandings will become your constant companions.
Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops
Young Marines is back in business! Continued fun and exciting action from the company CHILLINGO - Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops gives again under our command group of the most courageous fighters. And as the name suggests they are now to carry out special missions behind enemy lines and lightning commando operations against the enemy's infrastructure.
 iBomber Attack iBomber Attack - furious action with a tank top. Superb graphics, authentic sounds, dozens of missions, test mode and thousands of enemy soldiers waiting for you on the battlefield. Use captured gold bars to improve and upgrade your combat vehicle. The Wehrmacht will not stand in front of your power and quickly surrendered.
 Wire Defuser You - the best team of bomb disposal workers in the private sector. When other specialists are baffled, the city call you, promising mountains of gold, but you saved the inhabitants from a terrible disaster. Homemade bombs did not explode ordnance past eras, factory items and the most sophisticated creations of mad geniuses plёvaya work for you.

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