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Smurfs Epic RunSmurfs Epic Run - new adventures of remarkable characters, for more than half a century delight both children and adults. Sinekozhih create again in trouble, and then it's time to help them get out of it. Beautiful graphics, dozens of recognizable Smurfs, old enemies, and much more awaits us in this exciting arcade.
MOOMIN Welcome to MoominvalleyMOOMIN Welcome to Moominvalley - farm simulator in which the main characters are Moomins - the legendary characters of the series of children's books. They are distant descendants of these trolls, resemble white, fluffy cute gippopotamchikov. Once they lived in people's homes for the chimneys, but the advent of the steam heating forced to look for a new location.
Fold the WorldFold the World - really incredibly smart puzzle from CrazyLabs with colorful graphics, interesting plot and fun gameplay. Playing like adults and children, especially them, because there are all good features and good stories. Heroes, villains, curses, traveling in search of answers and of course, a happy ending.
 Cinderella Adventures Cinderella Adventures - adventure puzzle based on the world famous and publicized Cinderella story, with only one amendment - good cross will not have to do everything myself. Beautiful graphics, very hardcore gameplay, not the least forgiving of mistakes and a little strange sounds await you in this exciting interactive tale.
 The Wolf Among Us The Wolf Among Us - another creation of Telltale Games with their favorite interface and graphic style. Become a large gray wolf from fairy tales, which tied with its bloody past and became the unofficial sheriff in Feybltaune, a city inhabited by mythical creatures have taken human form.

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