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White TripWhite Trip - unpretentious and fascinating toy in which we will manage a flying bird in the distance. Around the warm winter, snowing, below us houses with glowing windows and we just fly under the beautiful music. To achieve a fully relaxing effect does not allow the scale of strength. It must be constantly nourished.
Sky LanternSky Lantern - beautiful casual project whose output is timed to the Mid-Autumn Festival. One of the traditional holidays in Southeast Asia. Especially popular in China and Vietnam, during which the family prefers to get together, cook ceremonial dishes and participate in various games.
Way AboveWay Above - a very nice casual game of survival with very hardcore gameplay and unusual mechanics. In addition, there is an incredibly beautiful back backgrounds, from which just did not look away. The project develops a bad reaction and speed of decision-making, without them there is not fly away.
Oddwings EscapeOddwings Escape - a very beautiful, colorful action game about the main characters desire for freedom and independence from the tyranny of a terrible scientist. Very easy control to help cope with even the most difficult trials, and a variety of levels and the ability to improve your character will not let you get bored for a second.
Stuntman StuartStuntman Stuart - black humor to make or the arthouse film with pixel graphics? What is it? It is definitely something special, though, and looks like a normal pixel art arcade. Easy control, brutal, blood, guts, meat and cut off the head, stunning soundtrack and original approach to the gameplay - all this and you have to enjoy while you fly down.
Jets - Flying AdventureJets - Flying Adventure - which is on the head runner ahead of all its competitors, and very far off from many ordinary-looking craft in this genre. Beautiful 3D graphics, a large number of locations, the various modes and features make this project a real breakthrough in the gaming niche stale.
Top Gear: Caravan CrushTop Gear: Caravan Crush - hilarious shooter from the world famous BBC about the mega popular car show, which is nothing to fear and nothing to fear. And it will continue to live for many, many seasons. But back to the game. There will be fast and beautiful cars, there will be no review and caustic remarks leading, there will be only ... an accident.
 Dinosaur Jump Dinosaur Jump - arcade project tells of dinosaur slastёne. Simple graphics leave a good impression, but her players will hardly notice it. Gameplay mechanics of continuous movement will require you to maximum concentration and precision action. A small mistake and our hero flies into the abyss.
 Kiwi Wonderland Kiwi Wonderland - infinite horizontal runner about the brave and sweet bird. Go with her to an exciting adventure. Beautiful graphics, beautiful soundtrack and addictive gameplay will appeal to any gamer. Dozens of tasks and achievements, bonuses and upgrades, a variety of opponents, and dangerous terrain will not get bored anyone.
 Frisbee (R) Forever 2 Frisbee ® Forever 2 - continuation of exciting adventures flying disc frisbee. Now even more beautiful graphics, new levels and unique location. Two types of control allow the projectile to feel good and just manage it. A beautifully designed landscapes contemplation will often distract you from the main occupation.

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