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Gotta Eat Them All: ClickerGotta Eat Them All: Clicker - Clicker, the most that neither is a clicker. The project differs from its "brothers" only in that it has frankly crazy narkamansky-style graphics and original storyline. And so, everything is still, Tapa, get glasses, put them in the development and continuing Tapan continue until they get tired fingers.
Garfield vs Hot DogGarfield vs Hot Dog - an entertaining adventure game in which the protagonist - known to many a dice red cat named Garfield. Together with his friend, he decided to go on a trip around the world to introduce the inhabitants of five cities with his culinary talents, but here's the problem - he had a serious contender.
Hey Thats My Cheese!Hey Thats My Cheese -! A hilarious arcade game on speed and reaction in which we will go all out to fight for the last piece of cheese. It is small and very tiny, it will suffice except for a couple of bites. But numerous, lovely but very hungry mouse against our monopoly on this delicious product and therefore go on the attack.
PEACH BLOODPEACH BLOOD - full of dangerous adventure arcade game in which gamers will be populated in the world of so-called Vember. Simple but cute graphics, dynamic process constantly hunting each other and endless gameplay of survival will allow to spend your free time fun in the queue, and other boring situations.
GORDON RAMSAY DASHGORDON RAMSAY DASH - brand new casual game by Glu in the genre of popular series such projects "time manager" ending in "DASH". As before, we have to work hard in the kitchen, but this time we will join celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay and with us will pass all stages of learning and creating culinary masterpieces.
Bubble Man: RollingBubble Man: Rolling - unpretentious arcade game with popular mechanics of gameplay, nice graphics and straightforward storyline. We need an unusual type of driving characters (many of which are easily recognized) to overcome the greatest possible distance, and reaching record to receive for an opportunity to open a new person in place of the previous avatar.
AlphabearAlphabear - excellent puzzle game with a great educational and developmental potential. Thanks to gamers of any age can learn to enjoy the English words in a fun and relaxed environment. Beautiful graphics, a variety of levels and tasks, funny, loves to eat, the main character and a bunch of clothes for him - an integral part of this little masterpiece.
Toca Kitchen 2Toca Kitchen 2 - continued exciting game for fans of culinary experiment with various dishes in the kitchen without unfortunate consequences for others and self-esteem of its cooking. Choose a victim and start cooking. Classic and simple or unique and extreme, the choice is yours.
 Forest Spider Forest Spider is very similar to many adventure monsters you want to feed the candy. Only here the task is to confection got into prehensile paws sad spider. Ideal to pass the level and find all possible solutions, you need to collect stars on location, sometimes located in very remote places.

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