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Forest HomeForest Home - puzzle with the classical mechanics of the gameplay, but with a few simple and at the same time interesting findings, as well as the nice graphics, and many cute characters. A huge number of levels for a long time entice lovers of simple problems were of all ages and genre preferences.
Little BigfootLittle Bigfoot - shooter with beautiful graphics and interesting idea. The main character is small and cute Bigfoot or the Abominable Snowman in other latitudes. It turns out they were and are, and become a huge short-term and in the case of any risk to their health. And since they prefer a very discreet way of life.
Go Home, Pigeon!Go Home, Pigeon -! Elegant arcade with horizontal scrolling, superb graphics and fun gameplay with progressively increasing levels of complexity. Gamers will have to use all his agility, reaction and ability to quickly plan of action to save the protagonist to meet with an enraged bear.
War TortoiseWar Tortoise - a fascinating shooter about a confrontation between the people of the murine anti-malicious frogs. The game is essentially a common shooting range, but the original story idea, nice graphics and great gameplay possibilities will please all fans to shoot at enemies coming orders. And given that manage to be the turtle, it makes the project more interesting.
Survive - Wilderness survivalSurvive - Wilderness survival - survival simulator in which developers are offering, surprisingly, to survive, and not to look at the beautiful uninhabited island with lush greenery and totally inadequate system of gameplay. Then, sooner or later you will have to sacrifice something and than go on serious concessions to get at least some chance of salvation.
Light My Fear First, a bit about the main character of the game Light My Fear. Young, pale, clearly has aristocratic roots, very thin. For this feature, you can easily carry it to the canonical classic horror characters. Given the laws of the genre it is a type ends up being the most persistent and with a few exceptions always survive in any debacles.
DarklingsDarklings - a great game brought together numerous awards and prizes. It is necessary for gamers to fight against darkness absorbing various evil creatures, using an unusual combat system. The now familiar gray-black palette with bright white accents and difficult endless gameplay long captivate all lovers of stylish projects.
LazyLinkrLazyLinkr - the original puzzle appearance impersonate a child's game, but the first levels of light ends and begins hell for even the brains of adult gamers. Several modes, beautiful graphics, unusual rules and other nice features make this project a must to review all who consider themselves to be a fan of puzzles.

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