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 System.Stealth ();

System.Stealth (); - it is a fascinating and complex stealth arcade game in which you have to collect all the data and leave the premises. Sounds simple, right? But in fact, even the first level will force you to think. Learn and observe the enemy, predict their moves. The game uses advanced AI, but that you can hardly stop ;-)

 God of Light

God of Light - an addictive puzzle game based on physics, where you have to control the light. The fact that the fabulous world of darkness comes. And you have to merge with cute SHINee in one team, and return light. You need to look at the level of reflective objects and combine into a single light chain. Thus step by step, you'll shed light into the world, yet not destroy all the darkness.

 Gluddle versus The Supervision

Gluddle versus The Supervision - good puzzle with a sound physics and bright cartoon graphics. Your task is to think very carefully and get the ball to the goal. The game is very positive and pleasing to the eye. Creative Heroes created a great game.

 Neon Zone

Neon Zone - a real find for lovers of logic games. By its very nature - is a puzzle, which is based on simple shapes, but it is quite complicated. Application based on the laws of physics, so the control figures will not be difficult, since it is enough to simply rotate the phone.

 drivingschool3d (3D Driving School)

drivingschool3d (3D Driving School) - an interesting simulation game for teaching practical skills of driving a car! This game will help you learn how to drive or improve existing driving skills. You will be able not only to try their hand, but also to analyze the result, to identify errors and take them into account next time.

 Where's My Water? 2 (crocodile Swamp 2)

Get ready for more exciting adventures along with resilient Swamp crocodiles, charming Ellie and Cranko in Where's My Water?2 (crocodile Swamp 2) Continuation of one of the most fascinating puzzles from Disney!

 Basketball Games - 3D Frenzy

Playing Basketball Games - 3D Frenzy could be your great colorful time-killer for a long time or may seriously tighten. You have to throw the ball into the ring with five different points, the goal, of course, will get in the ring and score as many points. Please those who are fond of this sports game.

 Stay Alight ®

Stay Alight ® - excellent puzzle arcade game ... Mr. lamp is in need of your help, especially in aiming accuracy of charges from which the evil mud monsters dying instantly. Good luck in the difficult battle!


Meet the dizzying puzzle Circulus! Turn levels on its head to reach the goal! You'll meet a lot of different types of areas, barriers and auxiliary items on countless levels in three completely different and unique worlds!

 Ball Worlds

Ball Worlds - exciting puzzle game based on physics. In it, players will collect a variety of shapes of beads. In some levels of the game you can collect pieces slowly. At other levels need to have time to gather the figure before the bomb will explode. Remember, every second counts! Collect the figures in the earth's gravity and weightlessness in the water. Discover the world's most advanced mobile games where you have to solve exciting puzzles.

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