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Dust Bunny Sweep!Dust Bunny Sweep -! Addictive puzzle game with beautiful graphics, lots of levels and different gameplay. The main task will be to sweep the house. Which only the first locations the place looks ordinary (well, if you do not pay attention to a reasonable brush dust), and then it becomes clear that all the action takes place in a strange and magical building with a large population.
Turn your DestinyTurn your Destiny - a new original puzzle game in the style of "4 in a row and more" making a serious step in the development of this genre. Interesting mechanics, great graphics and a fairly high complexity will please all who are already tired of the monotonous game boards crosswise. A story story only adds to the positive experience of the journey through the wonderful land.
Monsters Village TransylvaniaMonsters Village Transylvania - a simulator of the other world, or rather a village situated on the border near the place where it is particularly delicate. Sorcerers, witches and other seekers of unusual can come here and make contact with spirits, monsters to get any benefit or knowledge. Instead of gold and soul.
The Dreamatorium 2The Dreamatorium 2 - a new quest in style "search objects" in which developers will have all your favorite cliché of the genre - the mystic, the girl detective, the paranormal, the next mega-artifact and other details immediately recognizable. From the positive - it beautiful graphics and several levels of difficulty. The game is suitable for both novice and professional investigation.
Ghost TalesGhost Tales - adventure project about a girl - hereditary fighter with evil spirits. Unfortunately originality on this end, an epic confrontation with evil spirits is more like any of the farms, but there is no harvest. Of the benefits - it's beautiful graphics, Russian and fairly long story line.

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