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 Dragon Academy

Dragon Academy - save the endangered species of cute dragons. Feed them magical runes that give the dragons their strength and power. The better you feed your pet, the more abilities he will - from the sizzling fire to a lightning strike. You will find a lot of puzzles, many worlds, and more. Enjoy!

 Timon's Birthday

Timon's Birthday (Tower of Hanoi for Kids HD) - The original version of the famous mathematical puzzle "Tower of Hanoi".

 Brain Age Test Analyzer

Brain Age Test Analyzer - simply fascinating app that tests your brain age on your game. Checks the age of your brain and improve short-term memory. Shows the exact age of your brain. Try our Brain Age Test Analyzer and determine the age of your brain. Calculate your mental age.

 My Baby (Tamagotchi)

My Baby (Tamagotchi) - is a new application that simulates life of a small child. What you need to do in this game? Need to feed your baby milk, play with them, bathe, hush. Take care of your child - when he wants to eat or sleep - it will send you a notification.

 Cat Ninja Fly Cat Ninja Fly - a game for the android. The protagonist of the unique character - the cat-ninja. Under your leadership, he will destroy everything in its path, and earn a nice bonus to help you improve his skills and characteristics.

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