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SpymasterSpymaster - cool strategy in which gamers will create and lead the action of its own intelligence agencies around the world. Huge opportunities, a fascinating setting, nice graphics and a serious approach to the events make this game according to the original product. Welcome to a world that does not exist for ordinary people.
Comedy questComedy quest creators of the game or get a neighbor clearly drew his inspiration from the imperishable works of the past years. But this time, the developers decided to diversify the process and make it more ambitious. And the hero has changed, if the original built lad minor mischief harmful neighbor, here the character began full-scale hostilities.
First StrikeFirst Strike - «merry" very "merry" global strategy that will show us how easily and quickly a huge planet, inhabited by a bunch of humane-minded people, can turn into a radioactive desert only by the fact that someone wants to be the most important in this world. This version is a free demo, designed to demonstrate all the charm of the game.
 European War 4: Napoleon European War 4: Napoleon - a global strategy, a very well thought-out, with beautiful graphics, classic gameplay and stepwise movement on a large-scale map. It affects not only the events of the Napoleonic era, but also other conflicts, both in Europe and in America. You are waiting for dozens of objects, sea battles, construction and economy, development and the main major battles.

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