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Mystic CastleMystic Castle - a new text adventure project from LOCOJOY team responsible for the chic and stylish zombie vyzhivalku BuriedTown. At this time, the game will be even more austere and gloomy, and the action of bleed over into the fantasy universe (or not, as a look at what is happening). Where the protagonist is about luck will smile.
Cthulhu RealmsCthulhu Realms - the new card game from the creators of Star Realms. And in fact it is her only things are moving in the universe invented by HP Lovecraft. The gloomy atmosphere, oppressive aura of danger, disgusting monsters, magical rituals, and much more will delight fans and horror fans and stretch parteyku other in PvP mode.
1 Volt1 Volt - an addictive puzzle game about the unusual character with a recognizable gameplay mechanics. With gloomy palette and outline objects, developers tend to pump gloom and despondency, as in other similar games in style, but somehow they have failed. The project is seen easily and completely inconvenienced.

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