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Super Spartan Fury WorldSuper Spartan Fury World - classic platformer with colorful graphics and characters to draw in cartoon style. Standard, but addictive gameplay overshadowed by the need to be permanently connected to the Internet and as a consequence of the large number of advertising getting out every time a load. To play or not to play in such conditions - the choice for gamers.
Song of PanSong of Pan - chic adventure project with excellent 2D graphics with classic platforming gameplay mechanics and a lot of levels. We will become more completely a young god Pan and will have to perform one important task entrusted to us by Zeus. Successfully completing it we will be able to prove their devotion and loyalty to the inhabitants of Olympus.
AstraAstra - a nice-looking arcade game with all the familiar gameplay mechanics, repeatedly used in all projects where there is a so-called cosmophysics. Designed in the style of ancient Greek myths brings its share of originality in the visual range. This, in general, all the differences and come to an end. The fans like it, all the rest is not necessary to focus on.
Sisyphus JobSisyphus Job - 2D adventure runner created surroundings and scenery of ancient Greek myths. Nice graphics and overestimated complexity allows you to simply relax and enjoy the process. The only drawback at first gives the management, but understand that to what and be accustomed, you will easily overcome any obstacles.
 Epic Heroes War Be one of the legendary heroes or deity or some other unknown magical creatures and go to the epic battle of all time, which staged your comrades in the shop with each other for the possession of a powerful artifact. Come campaign or create a PvP fight and prove that it is you deserve this award.
 GODS vs HUMANS GODS vs HUMANS - another arcade about the relationship of gods and men. Players will enjoy no ordinary game mechanics and beautiful 3D graphics on a 2D landscapes. 96 giant construction projects and 20 gods of all the myths of the ancient world, ready to use all their destructive capacity for their destruction. And a lot of amusing industrious and persistent men who will bring a lot of trouble.
 Godfire: Rise of Prometheus Prometheus - one of the younger generation of the Titans. Fearless warrior, a fighter with absolute power over the people of the gods. He stole the divine fire and teach people to use them. Everyone knows his history, but now the game Godfire: Rise of Prometheus gives the opportunity to learn the details of the events and with the hero pass it the hard way.

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