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 The Tiny Tale 2 The Tiny Tale 2 - time management with a bit of RPG, made ​​in a fantasy-medieval style, popular for this genre. Beautiful graphics, dozens of levels, the classic gameplay, hilarious voice characters will delight all fans of not intricate projects. Which easily absorb latency anything.
 Mushroom pickers and Clans Clans and mushroom pickers - a game for the whole family where you have to go to a small village located in remote places on the banks of the river, near the dense forest. The main fishing local residents - a gathering of mushrooms and their subsequent implementation in different shapes and forms. Collect rich harvests and equip its Zaimka.
 Mushroom Garden Deluxe Mushroom Garden Deluxe - a representative of the popular series of fascinating mushroom farms. It is suitable for people who like quiet and leisurely gameplay. Good graphics, amusing main characters, the ability to develop and improve. In general, we face beautiful and good game, in which more and no Donath.

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