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 Five Nights at Freddy's 2

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - continuation of the acclaimed game and a worthy representative of the genre that will appeal to all lovers of thrills. Here you have to try yourself as a caretaker unusual pizza. You will have to sit out a few nights a frightening halt with sinister dolls.

 Mushroom Wars: Space (Mushroom War: Space) Mushroom Wars: Space (Mushroom War: Space) - a long-awaited continuation of a great game with fun gameplay, an interesting plot, accessibility and the ability to play over and over again. In this epic adventure you will rise again at the head of the mushroom and lead the people to a meeting of his adventures on other planets! Get ready, because it is dizzyingly cool!
 Solitaire Free Pack (Free Solitaire Collection)

Solitaire Free Pack (Free Solitaire Collection) - incredibly addictive and exciting game that will allow you to play any game of solitaire in the world. This appendix contains solitaires of any kind, suit and destination. You can play at random, just earning points or just a good time, wondering what card where to put that all came together.

 Plumber (Plumber)

Plumber (Plumber) - it's free and easy to learn puzzle game with HD-graphics, in which you have to prevent flood! Simply press and turn the various pieces of pipe to connect them into a single water supply. Creating water, you will reduce the overall level of the water. Do not let water overflow!

 A Space Shooter For Free

A Space Shooter For Free - fi shooter about space having great gameplay, high resolution graphics and simple controls touch screen. You need to control your space ship and shoot at moving you meteorites and enemy ships.

 Stay Alight ®

Stay Alight ® - excellent puzzle arcade game ... Mr. lamp is in need of your help, especially in aiming accuracy of charges from which the evil mud monsters dying instantly. Good luck in the difficult battle!

 Sprinkle Islands

Sprinkle Islands - is a welcome adventure, but rather a harsh work valiant firefighter Sprinkle. This time, it skidded on the wonderful island of Titan, which were not on their own victim debris spacecraft that carried the debris and crashed. Now the poor parts of the island paradises of villages are forced to ask for help to their house did not burn down.


Blastron - great arcade game in which you can only be either a hunter or a target and your job is to survive. Destroying other robots you will be able to get valuable upgrades for your character. By passing through the game you will collect an arsenal of powerful weapons and steep, while simultaneously improving the robot parts to improve their skills. The game had good graphics and great gameplay.

 Golf Sokoban

Golf Sokoban (Logical) Golf - a magnificent puzzle, developing intellectual skills. The goal is simple - to put all the balls in the hole. However, to do so, will have to think about it, because the golf course consists of a maze.

 Timon's Birthday

Timon's Birthday (Tower of Hanoi for Kids HD) - The original version of the famous mathematical puzzle "Tower of Hanoi".

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