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Go HelicopterGo Helicopter - not a difficult game, which is suitable as a quite good training project for young mobile users, as well as those who are very bored waiting for something. Nice graphics, hundred levels of varying difficulty and convenient operation like both adults and children.
Dustoff Heli Rescue 2Dustoff Heli Rescue 2 - sequel to the popular arcade helicopter with voxel graphics and fun gameplay coupled with a convenient and simple management rotorcraft. New locations, capabilities, equipment, weapons, jobs, and other features will please not only the first part of the fans, but those who are only familiar with the cockpit.
Helicopter Hill Rescue 2016Helicopter Hill Rescue 2016 - Rescue helicopter simulator where gamers to become the protagonist, or rather, a hero, but with a capital letter. Passable graphics, a variety of missions, convenient operation, various types of machinery and intense fight against the bad weather like all fans of helicopters and similar subjects.
Dustoff Heli RescueDustoff Heli Rescue - Cubo-pixel arcade game that sends you into the thick of battle during the Vietnam War. Easy to control a serious technical tool, namely a rescue helicopter, well-designed locations, various conditions for the fulfillment of missions and other aspects of doing the project deserved popularity.
Risky RescueRisky Rescue - a beautiful arcade with very hardcore gameplay and control tapami. The screen is divided invisible line into two halves, each respectively responsible for the direction of motion of the aircraft, which can only move diagonally. By the way, we have to play for a rescue helicopter pilot.

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