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Hell PassHell Pass - simple action game where gamers will shoot the upcoming orders of demons and other infernal creatures escaped from Hell. Cute graphics and a fairly high complexity will please fans of unpretentious but fun games, and fans of a hellish setting all the paranormal.
Tinker IslandTinker Island - new adventure project from Kongregate in which we find ourselves on a tropical island after a shipwreck. The complete absence of it in the usual civilization puts an end to unscheduled vacation in a sunny paradise and make a few wards to fight for survival as with nature, and with the blood-thirsty and hungry natives.
 Hellrider Hellrider - very beautiful endless runner in which the player will be reincarnated as this messenger of hell. Simple, but very bad-looking graphics without distracting soundtrack and interesting game mechanics certainly will appeal to all lovers of the genre and gamers who love unusual designs.
 Skullduggery! Skullduggery! - Excellent arcade full of black humor afterlife. Healthy irony of the impermanence of life, beautiful graphics, many levels and the most charming protagonist awaits any who do not pay taxes. And it is not earthly institutions of this hide even in the next world is impossible. Collectors ANS go hunting.
 HellFire HellFire - very original hybrid collectible card nastolki and exciting interactive games. Beautiful graphics, animated backgrounds and tense storyline, a huge variety of monsters in the deck, serious opponents like all fans of the genre. In his own opportunity to shower the enemy fireballs - priceless!
 Blade Warrior Blade Warrior - slasher with elements of RPG, which does not aspire to reach the top of popularity and originality. Beautiful graphics, epic music, hordes of demons in numerous dungeons and all this with the ability to PvP battles. Standard plot and game mechanics only confirm this. The game will appeal to fans not to strain to destroy the enemy with one button.

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