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Hero StoryHero Story - this is how banal and silly sounds, the story of the hero, such a conventional, without coat, pant over leggings, high-tech gadgets, but with a brave heart and dedication. These qualities he carried since childhood, and its principles are not going to give up. But he's just a man, and how everyone has bad times.
SlimeClimbingSlimeClimbing - new adventure from the creators of the pixel pile more like old school projects offers a glimpse of the well-known situation from a different angle and try myself in a completely different role. Authentic retrostilistika classic platforming spoil fans of "antiquity" and will help them to remember the old days.
Legendary WarriorLegendary Warrior - the main action, and the only difference is from a variety of similar games in the beautiful graphics and very smooth animation. The only thing that saves it from complete oblivion and he can enjoy the many, who are not yet tired of the same type of projects and willing to spend the time to rescue one of the worlds from destruction.
Heroes CurseHeroes Curse - epic RPG which will delight all fans of this genre on mobile devices. More positive impression creates a very beautiful (and demanding) graphics, but the gameplay is nothing extraordinary will not be able to impress - all within the boundaries of the standard mechanics. But in this arrangement, the game leaves only the best of association.
Pocket MapleStoryPocket MapleStory - Asian 2D RPG with huge gameplay possibilities, and very nice graphics. The truth is the protagonist here rather than the game character, but a gamer, as the wait for downloading additional files to confirm that the documents were read mountains, trained and finally get into this universe must be remarkable patience.
Slashy HeroSlashy Hero - straight from the tin shooter in the style of «Hack and slash» released on the eve of Halloween. But even if we renounce certain references and time, then we have a very exciting and original project with interesting findings and addictive gameplay. High-quality graphics and a large number of levels for a long time will carry away in the process of salvation feast.
Brave Brigade: Hero SummonerBrave Brigade: Hero Summoner - a huge role-scale project with Asian styling as the graphics and gameplay. The story tells of the trouble occurred in the ancient kingdom and only the main character will be able to restore justice and bring life back to normal citizens. A loyal comrades to help in difficult times and will cover the back.
SkeletombSkeletomb - elegant and exciting adventure in the pixel universe. The mechanics of the gameplay reminds Crossy Road, but has a much, much greater opportunities, potential and a variety of aspects that are just designed not to get bored gamers. Go to the most dangerous journey through the lands of obtaining such icky name.
PRETAPRETA - action RPG with excellent graphics, thus making the game is very demanding to the "hardware" of mobile devices, and the classics - the epic storyline. The main character must decide which side to fight to save the world, or to give it to the will of its new owner. But first he needs to take revenge on those who betrayed him.
Pixel boyPixel boy - is the protagonist of a very arcade pixel. He is entirely composed of these elements - body, head, hat, heart and even soul. And the kingdom around match for him on it and will have to move the character from the top down, beware of large and small hazards. Next, to a meeting of adventure!

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