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WarlordsWarlords - very addictive turn-based strategy with the global map. Beautiful graphics and an interesting tactical component will appeal to all who want without the hassle and complexity pokrushit opponents without much suffering from retaliation. A lengthy story line allows for a long time to plunge into the world of fantasy battle.
Move a LotMove a Lot - an addictive puzzle game with a familiar mechanics of moving hexagonal tiles, beautiful graphics and gameplay rather complex, where the speed and attention are important features to get all three stars. Help the inhabitants of the Netherlands have time to clean up the mess in agriculture and in other areas until the end of the year.
 Outwitters Outwitters - turn-based strategy on standard hex, but it has a very unusual performance. Your soldiers will be residents of the deep sea, fighting for small plots of land, but simply for the island. Beautiful graphics, a variety of modes of labor, unique units and more will appeal to fans of tactics.
 Gunspell Gunspell - very, very good game correct pattern. The mere fact that the project in the genre of "three in a row," there is a fairly reasonable plot, unusual gameplay features and the universe - a blend of the modern world and the fantasy RPG, says a lot. Well, beautiful graphics, a variety of opportunities and dangerously cunning opponents are a nice bonus.
 Beasts Battle While there will be very notion geymdev will be born projects like Beasts Battle. A simple strategy with the incremental battles, or rather the battle - it's the only thing memorable in this game. However, it will appeal to those who like simple, do not strain your entertainment. Nice graphics and timeless genre await you.

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