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Aircraft EvolutionAircraft Evolution - unpretentious air arcade with very long gameplay, well, unless of course the gamers will not bother a bit to be worked out of the system. Due to the evolution of her aeronautic machines will be very slow, it will scare off those who want the dynamics and speed during your game.
Heroes of 71: RetaliationHeroes of 71: Retaliation - one of the few Bangladeshi projects for mobile devices tells us about the history of this state. The game will tell us about those terrible months during which the Bengali people fought for their independence. Gameplay is a shooter, shooting with automatic dashes from cover to cover.
Air Battle western front Slowly but surely, the First World War captures the minds of game developers displacing from their position great and terrible. In contrast to the second conflict, the events of 1914-1918 are very few highlights geymdeyvom. And Air Battle western front is designed to fix a gap in the knowledge of the current generation of gamers, namely the scope of combat aircraft at the time.
 Valiant Hearts: The Great War Valiant Hearts: The Great War - a project by the infamous company Ubisoft, which until recently has been fully paid. Now gamers have the opportunity to read the first chapter of this remarkable and beautiful game. It belongs to the genre of interactive graphic novel and tells the story of four characters and adventures of the dog.
 North vs South North vs South - turn-based strategy game with battles in real time. It was created in the popular in a particular country setting of the Civil War between North and South. Slightly cartoonish graphics does not affect the serious, thoughtful and challenging gameplay in the entourage of famous events. Spoils the impression only the soul Donat.
 The Conquest: Colonization The Conquest: Colonization - is exemplary serious turn-based strategy, in which the economy is intertwined, and the construction of the battle. Seize territory, lead diplomatic negotiations, as with the natives and their competitors on the expedition to the New World, follow the instructions of your ruler, build and develop new city.
 Frontier Heroes
Frontier Heroes - an interactive educational game released Thanksgiving Day (a public holiday in the United States and Canada).
Despite the strangeness and lack of understanding of the activities of other nations, this app will be a very good methodological tool for the study of the history of North America (of course except Mexico and others).

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