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Dumb Ways to DieDumb Ways to Die - hilarious casual project from Metro Trains with brand graphic style and the most black humor. Favorite and familiar characters will continue to play with destiny in search of ways to win the Darwin Award. They are inquisitive and not quite sane mind would try to find a wide variety of techniques.
Bloody Finger JUMPBloody Finger JUMP - continuation of a series of arcades with nice graphics and black humor. Now, instead of move forward, we must try to jump as high as possible using the laws of physics and a trampoline. The main characters will still be someone's severed fingers, which are very sensitive to the painful areas of the fall.
Con Man: The GameCon Man: The Game - funny parody of the simulator and has taken as a basis for a television series with Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion in the lead roles. We prikosnёmsya to the creation, organization and direct implementation of its own festival with many thousands of visitors stream and known the invited personalities.
Animation Throwdown: TQFCAnimation Throwdown: TQFC - elegant collectible card game in which the developers of the Kongregate joined just five favorite for many cartoons. Futurama, American Dad and the others will appear before us with all its iconic characters, jokes, kinks and mass adventure because love each other.
TimenautsTimenauts - hilarious strategy in the style of "The protection of towers" with nice graphics and extensive gameplay possibilities. Although the game is unlikely it will be possible to find something really new, but the humorous approach to the events significantly distinguishes it among all other odnozhanrovyh works. "No time to explain, people jump into the portal!"
Bar in RussiaBar in Russia - funny runner with vertical scrolling in which the protagonist is going to arrange epic alkootryv in one of the pubs of the country. The name that can be easily guessed by the presence of bears in the bar with an accordion and a Soviet soldier's helmet on the head of a character. It will be a long night, though it will not be able to remember.
Rush of HeroesRush of Heroes - one of the few games in the same genre and with the gameplay that gets out of a series of dull craft about the heroic adventures. Beautiful 3D graphics, a mega-epic music, humor and self-irony, perfectly drawn locations and much more await your unusual characters. A huge number of missions captivate you for hours.
 The Meego The Meego - a new urban development strategy, more and hizhino- totemostroitelnaya game. Lead the glorious tribe of masked men and bring them to a lifetime of prosperity. Hilarious story and characters, great graphics and animation make you pack their bags and move to the friendly natives and a cozy village.
 Master Cards Master Cards - a game which allows to look at the world of cinema with a new completely different angle. Being inherently classical kollektsionki it nevertheless reveals all the details of the director's craft. And allowing fans to enjoy the hot battles started with a great deal of humor, as over by game genre, and over all the cinematograph.
 Skullduggery! Skullduggery! - Excellent arcade full of black humor afterlife. Healthy irony of the impermanence of life, beautiful graphics, many levels and the most charming protagonist awaits any who do not pay taxes. And it is not earthly institutions of this hide even in the next world is impossible. Collectors ANS go hunting.

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