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Little BigfootLittle Bigfoot - shooter with beautiful graphics and interesting idea. The main character is small and cute Bigfoot or the Abominable Snowman in other latitudes. It turns out they were and are, and become a huge short-term and in the case of any risk to their health. And since they prefer a very discreet way of life.
Snapimals: Discover AnimalsSnapimals: Discover Animals - smart casual game for children, which will introduce young gamers with various representatives of the animal world, will show photos and to assess the skills of Wildlife Photography, as well as will provide a lot of pleasure from the construction and development of the best museums on the planet.
Hunter Age: Huntsman GamesHunter Age: Huntsman Games - a story about what happens when the incredible scientific inventions fall into the wrong hands. At this time, mankind was lucky (or not, who knows what the outcome of the story - the butterfly effect and very specific preferences of our tourists characters) and accidentally discovered a time machine got two classic rednecks.
Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo SafariRodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari - smart casual toy that easily absorb all your free time and a long time delay on mobile devices. Pretty "paper" graphic cartoon will give what is happening, and prolonged (virtually infinite) gameplay will not be afraid of the transience of pleasure.
Hunt Cook: Catch and Serve!Hunt Cook:! Catch and Serve - significantly stands out among all other "simulation" of restaurants, cafes and other establishments where the protagonist is preparing a variety of delicious dishes to the delight of hungry visitors. Cute graphic style and a variety of gameplay features make this game an original and memorable.
Big HunterBig Hunter - the original shooter, though with a minimalist design, but very stylish. Dynamic gameplay requires players to maximum concentration and precision action. The smallest error or indecision extra entail painful death of the protagonist. After hunting for mammoths it was very dangerous.
Catch the FlyCatch the Fly - unpretentious and yet incredibly addictive casual game with lots of levels in which we try yourself in the role of a spider. Very crafty, and loving smyshlёnogo regale "walk up the meat" fly, but rather by several. So it will posytnee and you can sleep longer lounging in his own web.
Bounty Stars In the distant future, long after mankind has made a scientific breakthrough and went to conquer deep space and met many other advanced races, one common factor among all the inhabitants of the galaxy was found - the presence of criminals of all stripes, from petty criminals to wanted everywhere dangerous recidivists.
Monster Heart Monster Heart - action-shooter that will appeal to fans of hunting or sniping missions. The game has a well-developed universe, addictive gameplay that is true but a couple of interesting findings has not undergone significant changes and is fairly standard, nice graphics and a very important goal - to rescue people from the world of mythical monsters and monsters.
DustlandDustland - excellent, original adventure puzzle game with gameplay mechanics in the style of "three in a row." Well-designed universe is the Wild West of the distant future, the various possibilities, a huge number of levels, and the availability of multiplayer modes fights surprise all fans of the genre for a long time and captivate them in this world.

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