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BeeFense - Fortress DefenseBeeFense - Fortress Defense - strategy in the style of "The protection of towers". It is very please fans of the genre, even those who are already tired of the sameness and identity projects in this vein. Apart from the beautiful graphics, a large number of levels in the game has an interesting performance of the ideas conceived and extremely addictive gameplay.
ANTS - THE GAMEANTS - THE GAME - smart casual game creators that the full use of seemingly familiar to the smallest detail the gameplay, finding new and original opportunities without mutilation of the classic features of this genre. Beautiful graphics, well traced back backgrounds, easy operation and a great soundtrack will please everyone.
Catch the FlyCatch the Fly - unpretentious and yet incredibly addictive casual game with lots of levels in which we try yourself in the role of a spider. Very crafty, and loving smyshlёnogo regale "walk up the meat" fly, but rather by several. So it will posytnee and you can sleep longer lounging in his own web.
Lunata Rescue The main hero of Lunata Rescue is cute and very brave bug-bug, a hard-working member of society and an exemplary family man. He lives in one of the trees in the city park, where he has a house, runs nearby. And yet he and his family was well until one day the evil queen Donatella and her minions are not stolen his unborn children.
 Jumping Bugs Jumping Bugs - an exciting arcade game about cockroach-athletes and their numerous relatives. Engage in an incredibly popular competition takes first place on the podium and prove all the garbage, what you champion. The game has good graphics, addictive gameplay, great acting talent of the main characters and other nice features.

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