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Spunge InvadersSpunge Invaders - addictive arcade game with simple gameplay, which is nevertheless a long time gamers will capture the minds and cause to reflect, one after another enemy attacks. Cute graphics, funny story and opponents, a lot of characters and locations, as well as a variety of bonuses will please all lovers of these unpretentious entertainment.
 Apple Maniacs Apple Maniacs - a strategy in the genre of "Protection of the towers" with a hilarious storyline. Very different in structure levels in different geographical latitudes, will make you really think through the structure of defense against intruders. Minimalistic but beautiful graphics, a pleasant variety of soundtracks, not the usual conditions jobs like all lovers merry pastime.
 Crash UFO Crash UFO - Action cute baby animals reflection about an alien invasion. Beautiful graphics, a little crazy story, constantly adding new levels and funny characters will make you take seriously the process of protecting the planet and its inhabitants from the aggressors. A control with accelerometer and tapas will enjoy the game without being distracted by a lot of manipulation.

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