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Maxim The RobotMaxim The Robot - a classic action-adventure platformer with beautiful graphics and distinctive gameplay mechanics. Run, jump, collect coins (here, gears, because the main character is a robot), we find the secrets, eliminate enemies and seek to find their love. Fans alike are sure to enjoy the entertainment.
Matchbox AdventureMatchbox Adventure - in fact is a collection of mini-games in the genre of racing, arcade games and other exciting entertainment options united by one storyline. Good graphics and a variety of gameplay makes the game the most fun for everyone who wants to take your free time and get pleasure.
Car Toon Delivery Simulator The game Car Toon Delivery Simulator takes place in a small secluded village where the rural landscape is dominated more. Farms, tiny houses and low, dense forests, and other pastoral features are scattered on several closely spaced islands. But it is also present in the relief of mountains and even a tourist area with hotels and beaches.
PepeLinePepeLine - another game from the early access, and it is only being tested, but it is already possible to make your own opinion about this puzzle. Beautiful graphics, addictive gameplay, cute characters and many dozens of levels with progressively increasing difficulty for a long time will carry away all fans to stretch the brain and think slowly.
Smeshariki. Legend of the DragonSmeshariki.Legend of the Dragon - the game from HeroCraft based on the eponymous animated feature about the legendary characters, so beloved by children and adults. The project proposes to survive new adventures, travel and mini-games that will be a real gift for all fans who visited the cinema and eager to continue the celebration.
A Dark Dragon ADA Dark Dragon AD - chic role project combines a kind of simulator tapa, text quests and heaps of original ideas make the game very interesting and exciting. For a long time it was only paid, but now everyone will be able to read and evaluate the trial efforts of developers. Availability tolerable Russian language only makes it even better.
Survival Rusty IslandsSurvival Rusty Islands - an adventure game where the gameplay is built on the ideas do not cease to be popular. Available version of the project is now still very raw and suffers many shortcomings, technical problems and serious deficiencies. But let us hope that the support and development of the developers did not give up and will soon appear in front of our eyes a quality product.
Minions ParadiseMinions Paradise - the official game of the ELECTRONIC ARTS forever about yellow and unruly minions. Genre can be called - a standard for mobile platforms, a mixture of farm and urban planning. Beautiful graphics, dozens of available buildings, the original idea, tons of laughter and branded voice characters will delight all fans of the cartoon.
Run, Bottle! Run!Run, Bottle!Run! - An exciting arcade game with a very unusual and at the same time all the well-known story. On the mechanics of gameplay design resembles a horizontal runner in which the protagonist appears normal glass bottle sealed with a cork. In her last hope for salvation guy got on a desert island.
 Seabeard Submit your request to become an adventurer and go to the thrilling adventure. The creaking of the ship's masts, the salty ocean breeze, uninhabited island, sinister pirates, hidden treasures, ancient mysteries and secrets, as well as friendship, study sessions and exciting quests, building and much more awaits you in the game Seabeard.

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