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Ruby Run: Eye God's Revenge
Ruby Run Eye God's Revenge - an exciting platform game with beautiful graphics and endless gameplay. Architecture locations vaguely reminiscent of "Angry Birds", the same logs, stone blocks, and similar to the local population of pigs. But to enjoy the beauty of the area, you will simply have no time, you trying to fry an ancient guarding robot.
DigawayDigaway - new pixel-art project with 8-bit graphics that explicitly copies several famous games in this style. In the story, we play for an unnamed miner with a pickaxe and will bite into the hard soil of the surrounding mountains to find a richer vein of precious stones, and finally of the rich.
 Crevice Hero Crevice Hero - Action pixel graphics and visually simple but fun gameplay. Games with similar mechanics naturally resonate in the hearts of gamers for several decades. Endless process, with increasing levels of complexity with the need to constantly calculate their actions within a few seconds will appeal to all lovers of hardcore.

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