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 Cyto's Puzzle Adventure

Cyto's Puzzle Adventure Free - Game of substitutes himself atmospheric puzzle. In the game you play Zito, who was lost in the fantastic and strange world where he can not remember anything from his past, you need to help collect memory fragments scattered across multiple levels in several unique worlds.

 Three words

"Three Words" - it's an amazing word game. You'll have to, as the think and remember all their vocabulary. The essence of the game is very simple. Need to find a word that completes the first word and the second word starts.


"Spelling" - a game in which you can test your knowledge of the Russian language. The application has more than 200 cards with quotes of famous authors. You have to check yourself apart missing letters where needed. And if suddenly be an inaccuracy, you can always find the spelling rule, which were wrong.

 Pet Rescue Saga

Pet Rescue Saga - arcade game in which you have to save animals from the evil kidnappers. Offers a variety of complex and challenging levels with puzzles, a good variety of animals, and many more will you in this amazing adventure. Do not stay away - save pets and return them home!

 The Great Fusion v.1.8 The Great Fusion - Graphic quest. Humorous storyline, great graphics and interesting dialogues. On a plot of the game, we find ourselves in 2022, at a time when society has undergone significant changes. The rich get even more power, and the poor have become poorer. The main character Max, education programmer is forced to fight for survival and live in poverty.
 Contre Jour v.1.1.4 Blurring the line between games and interactive art, Contre Jour welcomes you to a beautiful and wonderful world created by the play of light and shadow. Help the main character - Petit save his only friend. Using your fingers, lay him safe way of mystical creatures.
 Draw a Stickman: EPIC v.1.3 Draw a Stickman: EPIC - a fun game in which you go to a hand-painted world full of dangers and adventures to save his friend, stolen by an evil book.
 Munch Time Munch Time - is a fun arcade game in which you need help to get to the chameleon-Munk's stomach, bypassing obstacles to eat them. Our chameleon there is one small problem, it can not change its color, so it needs special flies that color. In addition to finding food you will need to collect stars, which, of course, are in very remote places.

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