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Star Dash StudiosStar Dash Studios - a fascinating and original runner with the elements of the learning games. The project has beautiful graphics generated by the location of obstacles and objects, dozens of quests, characters and diverse gameplay. He easily outshine all its sozhanrovikov and prescribe a long time on mobile devices.
Zombies Olympics - Rio 2016Zombies Olympics - Rio 2016 - the original game with a good bit of humor which included sports and disciplines Summer Olympics, as well as the theme of zombies. Nice graphics, gradually increasing complexity, diversity in the gameplay and the overall unobtrusive become exactly what will make the project fun and interesting.
Fun Run Racing And ShootingFun Run Racing And Shooting - simple platformer where gamers will not suffer more than the complexity of the gameplay, but from a slightly zabagovannuyu control. Periodically, the protagonist is out of control, and then you can forget once won a prize and the award for successfully passed stage. But the nice graphics, wood, character development and other features of delight.

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