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My MajestyMy Majesty - a new project in a familiar manner by Tigrido, creators of many a "dictator" and other fascinating strategy. This time on the idea of ​​development, we will go to the Middle Ages and try himself as the king of a small European country. And traditionally, we need to hold on to power as long as possible.
Jewel RoadJewel Road - a bit unusual and not visually familiar puzzle game in the style of "three in a row" in which we will tell and show the story of an anonymous bard. One day he decided to find the same song, and went wandering along the roads of this fantasy kingdom. But soon make searches step over the boundaries of the familiar world and move on.
High Sea SagaHigh Sea Saga - a new project from the studio creating simulations of unusual activities while skillfully stylizing them under the old-school Asian Games. At this time, we have to try himself as a pirate of the sea (well, not exactly this), and will direct the rustle of all the surrounding water and beaches. Well, first you need to find a suitable ship.
Death PitDeath Pit - an exciting adventure project with beautiful graphics. The accelerometer devices will help explore the area and find the most convenient way to the next island of calm and security. Cute picture and original design locations will immerse us into the magical world of fairy tales in which we will be a prince.
Road to be KingRoad to be King - a new toy from Noodlecake. And everyone knows what that means. We are again waiting for survival gameplay, beautiful graphics, well-drawn locations, fascinating soundtrack, a lot of obstacles and dangers, the original control a little down-hardcore, as well as the mass imperceptibly spent free time.
Knight Strike: KnightfallKnight Strike: Knightfall - filling a simple shooter with elements of RPG, which nevertheless can permanently captivate the world of fantasy and medieval battlefields. Be one of the quartet of the Knights of employment and protect the kingdom from the constant attacks of the enemy. But know you as a mercenary force would get a night shift.
 Magic Rampage Magic Rampage - exciting platformer with RPG elements created in the spirit of the old games. Wonderful graphics, addictive gameplay, long storyline, hundreds of hidden rooms, dozens of objects, traps, undead valiant heroes and of course, very scary bosses await you on your journey.
 The Sleeping Prince Save the kingdom from a terrible curse! Sidney slimy imposed on all sleepy spell and now everywhere is heard only one snoring. In consciousness there was only magician of the court (apparently senile insomnia), who has called you for help. With the help of a magic ring, you will need managing body of the prince to save all of the spells and defeat the villain.

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