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Keep CraftKeep Craft - a very interesting and unhurried simulator in which we are going to build their own country from ancient times to the present day. Beautiful and stylish graphics, high duration of the game and a variety of features will appeal to all who do not like natapyvat resources and other elements, but just in time to perform the desired action.
AnkoraAnkora - an exciting adventure game with superb graphics, addictive gameplay, and other nice features make this project a memorable and interesting. It is not entirely original, but qualitatively researched "angular-square" world, a huge space and the possibility of a long tightened players on a journey through uncharted planet.
Invention CityInvention City - quite an interesting and exciting project by Korean developer which uses familiar to many mechanical layout of the various elements and to obtain from certain items. We offer a step by step to understand what it consists of those or other objects that surround us in everyday life.
Island Survival Simulator 3DIsland Survival Simulator 3D - an interesting simulation of survival with cartoon graphics. Of course, the project is not without flaws, problems, inaccuracies, and the balance in places suffering. But if the developers continue to work on both its development and above-ground stocks, then soon we will see a decent analogue of the "fixed" version of the genre.

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