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RoofbotRoofbot - clever puzzles with multiple familiar gameplay mechanics, but with really nice graphics and an elaborated many levels. Good picture and cute character do half of all positive emotions from laying hard routes to the destination.
Bobby Rabbit - HD Bobby Rabbit returns, now on Android in the form of the game Bobby Rabbit. Go with him to the massive theft of carrots with local beds, cunning people fooled and go around dangerous traps. Prove to everyone that you are the legendary thief this tasty root. Stock up on a sufficient number of goodies before the coming winter.
 Bears vs. Art Greedy Millionaires with fanatical tenacity and plant art galleries where only pleases them and put it terrible pictures that "enlightened" and others from the world of bohemia called masterpieces and are willing to pay them the sum of astronomical proportions. But one day one of the brothers of the wrong address, and built another "house favorite" bear den near Rory.
 Time Travel Escape Time Travel Escape - quest about time travel. Beautifully painted backgrounds, plain puzzles many levels and hidden from your eyes crystals reveals the secrets of the room, waiting for anyone who dare to step into the portal. The tour through the numerous historical epochs will appeal to all lovers of puzzles.
Linken - logic puzzle made ​​in the stunningly beautiful visual style. A pleasant and soothing music will help you to concentrate on the task at hand. Players will need to connect all the objects on the same line, taking into account not interfere with certain characteristics and rules.

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