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STELLAR FOXSTELLAR FOX - beautiful puzzle with a nice visual style and enchanting music. The project has a fairly standard gameplay mechanics, but thanks to some findings will please even those who consider themselves a real expert in the field of similar games. Help lisёnku come home to a loving mother.
The End of the WorldThe End of the World - an excellent adventure game with a deep philosophical and vital underlying reason in the story and elegant graphic style. Original gameplay mechanic allows you to "peek" into the past, constantly changing environment, a properly selected soundtrack and poignant story will be delayed for a long time in the memory of everyone who has looked at the end of the world.
Love EngineLove Engine - an interesting and addictive puzzle game with a pleasant and "soft" visual style, fascinating music and a lot of levels. Difficulty is constantly increasing, which will cause the players to think about every step, or rather the movement, because our heroes can not themselves come to each other. And you have to help them reunite.

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