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Pocket PlantsPocket Plants - another great project from Kongregate which originally connected the different styles and directions received as a result of a very interesting and unusual gameplay. Well and beautiful graphics, high duration of the process, and a good variety of humor only supplement the treasury of positive impressions.
Charming KeepCharming Keep - cute, but very standard clicker on the mechanics of gameplay. Action will take place in a fantasy universe with a good sense of humor, beautiful graphics and big tree of all that you can think of in this genre. The game is easily absorb the spare time and ask for more.
Pixel SummonerPixel Summoner - an unusual role-playing project with pixel graphics and original approach to the genre of clickers. Instead of constant zatapavaniya enemy, here we have a whole group of those who will do it for us. That they then need to constantly urge not to be a one-on-one against another monster.
Horse Adventure: Tale of EtriaHorse Adventure: Tale of Etria - new adventure project from Ubisoft Entertainment with an unusual storyline and gameplay history. Beautiful graphics, huge open space, magic and magic, as well as exciting job like everyone, without exception, and particularly young gamers who love all amazing.
Jungle Adventures 2Jungle Adventures 2 - continuation of the adventures of the terrible prehistoric hero named Matt. From the time he saved the princess from the clutches of a furious tiger it took quite a bit of time. By law, meanness ordinary problems fell on him during a solemn celebration in the family. But nothing can be done, you need to save their neighborhood.
AlchademyAlchademy - addictive casual games in which we move from comfortable homes and apartments in our time distant, gloomy cave located somewhere in the dense forests of the Middle Ages. At a time when magic was still not empty words, alchemy not compete with science, and wandered among the people being now live only in books.
SpellspireSpellspire - addictive word game in which everyone will be able to check your knowledge of words in the English language or in a matter of urgency to begin to teach them at the time as bloodthirsty inhabitants of the tower will attack the hero. Only the speed and the ability to compose longer words will help the character to execute his plan.
Dust Bunny Sweep!Dust Bunny Sweep -! Addictive puzzle game with beautiful graphics, lots of levels and different gameplay. The main task will be to sweep the house. Which only the first locations the place looks ordinary (well, if you do not pay attention to a reasonable brush dust), and then it becomes clear that all the action takes place in a strange and magical building with a large population.
Just BonesJust Bones - way of a man who became a skeleton and decided to regain his human form. The road to return to the world of ordinary people will be a platform with a series of puzzles-levels. Each location will have access to the portal by solving puzzles with gradually increasing level of complexity. Old school and addictive fascination until the very end.
Doodle God Blitz HD JoyBits during its existence and since then as there was the first "divine" game of the series Doodle God, produced relatively few non-original projects and a bunch of add-ons and patches. Huge pile elements and a loosely connected stories confusing and frightening newcomers. Create Doodle God Blitz HD is designed to gather all the fun in one place.

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