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Block Craft 3D: Building GameBlock Craft 3D: Building Game - probably one of the best among all the projects that emerged after the triumphal march across the planet Maykrafta. Unlike the dozens of others, this game uses only the basic features of its progenitor, and invites us to express their creativity to the maximum extent and with a minimum of restrictions.
After Us Maynkraft unwittingly spawned a whole new trend in the graph. In a similar style incredible number of fans and fans, making games like output After Us quite natural and widespread phenomenon. Among them there are good projects, but the majority - it is absolutely passage entertainment. Just a couple of minutes.
Castle CrafterCastle Crafter - is the perfect game for fans of the Middle Ages and Maynkrafta. Building landscape of cubes, huge castles, sieges and battles are waiting for all the angular characters in this project. Proprietary graphics, unusual features for this sandbox, and much more will be a real discovery for gamers.

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