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PATANKOPATANKO - unpretentious in appearance, but in its original gameplay mechanics puzzle mazes which are pop-up card. A large number of levels with tons of pages of options and activities will please all those who love the unusual and unpretentious projects can inspire long.
Phantom MazePhantom Maze - New Year's is a story involving all hands in the department under the guidance of his death. It employs the so-called gatekeepers. They are dressed as well as the chief, but only on the status they do not put the spit. Their task is to conduct accounting, reporting, statistics and all other office work. The final check has revealed a serious problem.
Jack's New AdventuresJack's New Adventures - adventure puzzle with typical old school projects 2D graphics style. We are waiting for dozens and dozens of levels, mazes with gradually increasing level of complexity and the degree of entanglement of corridors. As well as a good proportion of old hardcore gameplay and the most interesting way to stretch the brain.
Gravity Goose Main features make Gravity Goose interesting game worthy of attention because it is - the mechanics and control system allows you to perform incredible maneuvers and movements. Good graphics, high complexity, a little awkward button layout makes it even more hardcore and a lot of levels for a long time will carry away all without exception.

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