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Minefield RunMinefield Run is built by all the well-known principle, "The farther into the woods, the thicker the guerrillas" ©. But in this case - the deeper in the minefield, the better spruce. And we need, and it is this, more precisely the protagonist needs better forest beauty. And he did not stop at nothing to find and ruthlessly cut down the ever-green tree in the name of celebrating the New Year.
 Wire Defuser You - the best team of bomb disposal workers in the private sector. When other specialists are baffled, the city call you, promising mountains of gold, but you saved the inhabitants from a terrible disaster. Homemade bombs did not explode ordnance past eras, factory items and the most sophisticated creations of mad geniuses plёvaya work for you.
 Crazy Sapper 3D Crazy Sapper 3D - another reincarnation of the classic applications in modern design. Minesweeper puzzle game now in 3D, with beautiful graphics, storyline, and features the main character. Imperishable game mechanics is similar to Tetris, priglyanёtsya necessarily those gamers who with misunderstanding look to good old original.

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