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Rogue LifeRogue Life - it is a kind of runner divided into missions with elements of RPG, survival and several other genres and styles. The mixture is called from the developers 'crossover', and its concept is quite interesting for all who are tired of the same type of games. Well and beautiful graphics and diverse gameplay complement a positive impression.
Tap Tap TrillionaireTap Tap Trillionaire - exciting simulator tapas offering to become incredibly wealthy man using a perpetual movement - "bought cheaply and sold more expensive." 8-bit graphics is ideal for such a pastime and did not distract from the process natapavaniya money. Interesting gameplay and a share of humor will appeal to all without exception.
Tap Company: Startup in Miami Who would have thought that the so-called "Clickers" permanently occupy a niche fleeting entertainment. Banal Tapani on the screen once is not played up and used. But it soon became clear that a similar gameplay has outlived its time to move on and Tap Company:. Startup in Miami - clearly shows in what direction the genre can develop.
 AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist - fascinating about clicker budding capitalist-entrepreneur. His career will be quick and swift. Start small and reach incredible heights. Earn an incredibly huge amount of money, such that the screen is not included. Try all possible ways to earn money and hire a team of professionals to manage all of this.
 Robbery Bob Robbery Bob - this is a game about the adventures of an inveterate thief, burglar. The camera shows a schematic top view of the house, routes tenants, home furnishings and valuables. Usually our character sneaks Aki mouse, but in an emergency can in all haste to rush to escape from the angry owners and police. But let's not forget that the professionals do not act.
 Ace cheap thief 2 Become a thief nicknamed Ace. His noble thoughts and incredible talent for stealing everything that is well protected as possible and hides lead into a frenzy and panic dishonest citizens. And your name - the cause of a nervous tic and stuttering night watchmen. Everything - from documents and jewelry, to the living. No one and nothing can be safe from your actions.

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