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 1Quest 1Quest - that neither is a RPG created in the spirit of old games or simply - a bagel. To pay tribute to this project disguised as old men very convincing. No beautiful interface, ease of passage, or helpful hints, all the most hardcore. From the first seconds you feel for yourself what it means to fight alone against multiple opponents.
 Mad Zombies: Road Racer The dominance of different games on the zombie theme a little scary and alarming. They penetrated into all possible genres and firmly entrenched in our daily lives. And the average gamer has survived for more than a dozen of these developments end of the world. That Mad Zombies: Road Racer invites us to go to one of these scenarios.
 Zombie Lane
Zombie Lane - is a classic farm, but ... with the zombies. The protagonist discovers that appeared in the district hordes of zombies, which will have to fight simultaneously repaired the fence and planting tomatoes. However, the phenomenon is, apparently, a regular, because no one is surprised.

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